Apartments in Brna and Korcula Accommodation With Pool in Smokvica

Repak Korcula accommodation with pool in Smokvica and two houses with the apartments in Brna. Family Radovanovic Repak offers an accommodation in two houses in Brna. Small house in Brna has two apartments and Big house comprises of three apartments. Small house has air condition and Big house has large balconies with seaview. The beach is right under the apartments. Other beaches, shops and activities are within walking distance from both the houses. When the evening falls, the bay of Brna with various summer events is an inevitable spot for a dinner in the local restaurants or a walk along the seaside promenade.

The house in Smokvica is a perfect spot for exploring the vineyards of Smokvica and Cara, hidden pebble beaches, hillsides with beautiful views and other paysages of the island. Right behind the house, there is a pool in a big courtyard with comfortable deck chairs and parasols. A small forest hides the poolside. There is also a big exterior loggia with a barbecue grill – a great choice for throwing a dinner party in the warm summer nights.


Villa Korcula With Pool

Repak House Smokvica Villa Korcula with a pool. Situated on an accessible spot between Brna and Smokvica, this pool house is an ideal hideaway in the very center of the island. It is air conditioned and equipped with wi fi internet, barbecue grill, SAT TV, laundry machine and dishwasher. Boat mooring option in Brna.


Brna Apartments Big House

Repak Brna apartments Big House – accommodation in three apartments Brna Korcula. Situated right across the Small House on the other side of the bay of Brna, this house has spacious balconies with a splendid view across the bay and the open sea. Big House also has a big backyard with a grill. This makes it especially suitable


Apartments Brna Small House

Repak apartments Brna Small House – accommodation in two apartments Brna Korcula. Situated in the very center of the bay of Brna, this house has balconies with a lovely view across the bay. The beach is located right under the house, with a bench which is perfect for observing the daily life in the bay. The restaurants,