Vacation in Brna Korcula

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Brna Korcula is a typical Adriatic bay with plenty of places to discover. It has a typical Mediterranean vibe with fishermen heading towards the sea and a seaside promenade with a lots of spots to immerse into the clear blue sea and to relax on a cool summer breeze.

Here, you will find restaurants with typical local dishes, couple of bars, shop and fruit and vegetable stands. Various entertainment and traditional summer events reveal many interesting aspects of life in these parts.

For sport enthusiasts, there is a sport center Istruga, situated on the northern side of Brna Korcula. Here you will find a sand volleyball court, two tennis courts and a petanque court. In the center of Brna Korcula there is also a sailing school. Brna has a good position for water sports because it is protected from stronger winds.

Even though the Repak apartments are right above the beach, there is a small public sandy beach in the center of Brna Korcula. There is also a bigger one in Istruga, with a small path leading to a hidden beach a few minutes away. But, there are public bathing spots all along the promenade in the center of Brna Korcula so everyone can choose the location that suits him best.

For those who would like to rent a boat and wander off, there are beautiful sites and beaches along the coastline near Brna Korcula direction. Of course, the view to the vast open sea which opens when you exit the bay has its own beauty.


smokvica-island-of-korculaSmokvica is a picturesque village situated on the hillslopes above the Smokvica field. It is known for its vineyards and a long tradition of winemaking. As a typical dalmatian place, it has a big town square around the church on which traditional events take place. There are also many interesting sightseeing spots all around the county of Smokvica, ideal for exploring the nature and the coastline.

Town of Korcula

The town of Korcula is the most recognizable place on the island. The town center is now being on the UNESCO tentative list, and the bustling ambiance all over the town characterizes the summer in Korcula. Whether it’s for a short visit to the historical sites or for a lunch break on the popular promenade, the town of Korcula attracts tourists from all over the world. Many art, entertainment and traditional summer events take place during summertime in this historical town. When staying in Brna Korcula is an inevitable place to visit.

It is also situated on a very good spot for windsurfing so the channel between Peljesac and Korcula has more windsurfers racing from side to side then the whole sea traffic in the area!

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Other places


blato-panoramaBlato is a typical dalmatian place situated in the heart of the island of Korcula. In here, check out the beautiful linden tree alley, traditional sword dancing events, historical sites and couple of popular bars. Also, do not miss to explore the coast in Blato county and places such as Prizba, Karbuni and Prigradica. There are many beaches for a perfect summer chillout.

Vela Luka

vela-luka-panoramaVela Luka is a bay on the far western side of the island of Korcula. It is a traditional fishermen place and a popular seaside resort. Apart from the local traditional music events, various bars and restaurants with local dishes, this place is gaining more and more on popularity because of the recent archaeological studies.