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Welcome to Repak Winery – a home of some fine Korcula wine, a perfect place for Posip wine tasting Korcula. Situated on an accessible point between Brna and the Smokvica center, the winery is opened for buying and tasting our wine.

Winery Products

  • Posip wine
  • Rukatac wine
  • Plavac Mali wine

Repak Wines

Ivan Radovanović – Repak
P.G. J. Radovanović
Smokvica 285
20272 Smokvica
mob: +385 91 1354 134
Winery opening time:
1.6-1.10, 8-21 h
email: app-repak@post.t-com.hr

Wineyards in Smokvica

Family Radovanovic Repak Winemaking Tradition

We have inherited winemaking tradition from our ancestors, who planted the vines many years ago. Because of the climate which can sometimes get harsh and unfavorable for agriculture, a lot of special care for the vines is required. Hard work habits in the vineyards is something we inherited from our ancestors, as well as the knowledge which we expanded to make our special blend of Posip wine Smokvica region. Our vineyards are being held in the field of Smokvica and the grapes are being handpicked in the traditional way. After the wine is produced and bottled, it is ready to be consumed – visit us for a wine tasting or have a stop if you are heading from Smokvica to Brna.